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DDNS (Dynamic Domain Name Service).

Most of IP camera manufacturers provide DNS (Domain Name Service) service which is very useful for users who use dynamic IP address at home and small office. We call it DDNS (dynamic DNS) service. Seyeon Tech also has provided similar service of AOIP (Always On IP) service since 1999. For the almost 10 years, Seyeon Tech localized this server in more than 10 countries. Recently, Seyeon tech has released new version of this server called IPCCTVDNS service. FlexWATCH® users can register their own IP camera, video server and NVR onto IPCCTVDNS by themselves and access to FlexWATCH® using their own ID and Password remotely. This service is quite useful for system integrator and distributors looking for regular-basis revenue generated by the service. This paper explains the advantage and benefits of IPCCTVDNS service.

main features

Key Features of IPCCTVDNS

  • 01.

    Easy Registration

    In general, product registration is needed to use DDNS service either by contacting manufacturer or after service of products, or accessing to a site of them. But with IPCCTVDNS service, users can complete all the registration of products by accessing to ´´, after issuing user account by themselves.
    To register products, type serial No. & Product key of each product is needed.
    After the completion of user & product registration, all the products that users manage are listed in ´Product List´. In product list, remote access & access in LAN environment where products are installed are available (users only need to check remote access) In case users lose ID/PW, users can search for the information in main page of ´´. IPCCTVDNS is operated the similar way major portal services are, provides the DDNS service well known in parallel.

  • 02.

    Easy Management of multiple sites

    In general, DDNS service has been utilized only with dynamic IP by general users and it played a role to enable for easy access to the IP camera installed at SOHO remotely. But IPCCTVDNS can be used by system integration as well. For a manager to control sites of dozens to hundreds, regardless of dynamic or static IP, checking the information of site and managing is needed. In case managers should control hundreds to thousands of cameras, unified method to access & control is sure necessary. IPCCTVDNS does not need additional program for unified management as it supports gateway function. If one user account is not enough, users can issue multiple accounts by themselves and mange products by line of products, areas, applications after registering. Aside from it, IPCCTVDNS is integrated to central video management software like FlexWATCH Manager, which enables unified security management. Also, IPCCTVDNS provides the interface for developer, so users can use the CMS specialized at the market.

  • 03.

    GROUP Account (for end users)

    To mange hundreds to thousands of FlexWATCH products, using group account is more convenient than user account. Like user account, group account can be issued in ´´, to get permission from administrator to manage IPCCTVDNS service is needed. One of the distinguished points of group account is that it provides the function to control access of the products registered in ´´. As below image, there is ´Permission´ box, so group can decide whether access to the product registered is accepted.
    This function supports very important tool for paid service with group account. Most of system integrator or distributor wants value added service to generate revenue on a regular basis. FlexWATCH IPCCTVDNS enables users to provide paid service if they can manage serial No. & product key of the products. Also, IPCCTVDNS will provide the interface for developer, so developers can make additional services by using it.

  • 04.

    How to use IPCCTVDNS

    End user to use FlexWATCH products can use IPCCTVDNS for free. But it is possible that IPCCTVDNS would be paid by loading additional functions in the future or by local distributor policy. Also, distributor & system integrator can localize IPCCTVDNS to meet their own needs any time. Users could provide various application services with IPCCTVDNS itself and the additional applications loaded, which differentiate from other solutions in the market. If you are interested in localization of IPCCTVDNS, please E - mail :

What is Serial-to-Converter?

FlexWATCH 2320 New Serial-to-LAN Converter,
POS, ATM and CCTVs are integrated over TCP/
IP video networks.

It can be captured information that provides text data to POS, CASH, or other devices and send the information to the NVR or Manager software. with the introduction of FW-2320, user can be now strengthen your business by effectively preventing inventory loss and loss through the full integration of FlexWATCH's IP monitoring system.

FW- 2320
will can be set the IP watchdog system of FlexWATCH as a POS.

It supports historical video, and even output alarms for emergency events, for retrospective analysis
that helps monitor storage space remotely using an NVR surveillance system,
video and associated force transaction data. also it can make use video text overlay technology to help reduce a series of shrinkage and protect assets against business loss.

FlexWatch pos Extra service

POS additional service

  • 01.

    Cost of Employee Theft, the greatest single threat to profitability

    According to the University of Florida 2005 National Retail Security Survey, employee theft was estimated to be responsible for 47% of store inventory shrinkage. That represents an estimated employee theft price tag of about 17.6-billion dollars per year. This astounding figure makes employee dishonesty the greatest single threat to profitability at the store level. The 2003 study found the average dollar loss per employee theft case to be $1,762.00 compared to $265.40 for the average shoplifting incident. Despite these facts, most retailers mistakenly focus their loss prevention budgets on shoplifting.

  • 02.

    Example of Employee Theft

    In this example, the casher tried substitute scan. It looks like that she scanned melon successfully. But she did scan a bar code on her finger; the bar code is for chewing gum. It's a very crafty trick, legacy video surveillance system could not disclose it. Several Text Inserter devices-it superimposes POS data into video-are on sale as a solution for employee theft. But it can not be an affordable solution because it takes so much time to find evidence scene; you should playback all video and compare data on video and video itself.

  • 03.

    FlexWATCH® NVR POS Add-On
    will turn LOSS into NET PROFIT

    POS Add-On service is basically a synchronized video & POS data recorder. It supports OSD (On-Screen Display) as Text Inserter device. At first, you can narrow the scope you should take a look at down through power full filtering function based on POS data. You can set a filter as you want; id of a suspicious employee, terminal id where the suspicious employee had worked on, cash drawer open event, item void event, and combination of various condition could be a filter. Then you can easily compare video contents and POS data. This fast and easy fraud finding system will restrain dishonest employee's attempts and turn your loss into net profit.

Intelligent Video Surveillance with
FlexWATCH & iOmniscient

We confirmed the compatibility between FlexWATCH® and IQ server? the world’s most intelligent video surveillance solution.

iOmniscient has won international recognition as having developed the most intelligent software available in the market place. Their suite of products offer the entire range of intelligent surveillance. The capabilities of Genius Range have been heralded as pioneering the next generation of intelligent surveillance. Their system can operate with existing CCTV infrastructure is distributed, scalable and has wireless capabilities.


Seyeon Tech has led domestic market with FlexWATCH® network video series.

There was lots of large scale IP surveillance biz. we had finished such as Samsung Semiconductor factory which maintains 1,360 cameras and U-city project at Incheon, Korea which maintains 280 camera over 20,000 houses.
We confirmed the compatibility between FlexWATCH® and IQ series. So customers could get the benefit for intelligent IP surveillance with FlexWATCH® and IQ series.


IP video surveillance with the world’s most comprehensive range of intelligent video analytics

With IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance), businesses can easily monitor areas of interest with sophisticated software that makes detecting threats or unwanted visitors simple and effective. iOmniscient has won international recognition as having developed the most intelligent software available in the market place. Their suite of products offer the entire range of intelligent surveillance. The capabilities of Genius Range have been heralded as pioneering the next generation of intelligent surveillance. FlexWATCH IP camera and video server are fully compatible with IQ series. And FlexWATCH NVR (Network Video Recorder) have been integrated with IQ series so that it can receive intelligent events from IQ series and synchronize it with video archives on hard drive. This helps people with to remotely monitor surveillance site associate intelligent event with video, record video for retroactive analysis on distributed embedded hard drive or central large backup storage. Recently iOmniscient & FlexWATCH signed partnership and we are promoting FlexWATCH with IQ series worldwide, especially on system integration business.

Streaming Server

Bandwidth control & network management service for network video

The VSS(Video Streaming Server) is to maintain the reliable streaming for numerous clients. If there are more than 10 remote clients accessing the same network camera simultaneously, the streaming performance of network camera is degraded since it is an embedded system with limited CPU resource. But if there are VSS between network camera and clients, then the VSS redistributes the video stream from network camera to multiple clients and clients can control PTZ of network camera through the VSS.
It provides not only stable performance but also low-latency of delay. For these reasons, the VSS is being most suitable for bandwidth controls and network management at a large scale of IP surveillance. At a large site, there would be multiple clients and multiple network cameras. They can predict the bandwidth between network cameras and the VSS precisely and can provide video streams to multiple clients seamless through the VSS.

  • 01. Key Features


    Use freeware Operating System

    Web based administration

    Supports all FlexWATCH™ above v3.00 (except RTOS version)

  • 02. Main Function


    MJPEG video stream relay

    PTZ control relay

    Max 128 cameras

    Max 256 client connections


    User permission configuration

    Register FlexWATCH using dynamic IP (IPCCTVDNS)

    Network video router

    Easy bandwidth scheme

    Easy firewall configuration (Firewall doesn’t need to concern all network camera)

  • 03. H/W specification
    - Dell Power Edge 1950


    CPU : Dual-Core Intel Xeon 2.0GHz, 4MB cache, 1333MHz FSB

    Memory: DDR-2 667MHz ECC 1GByte

    2 LAN card : Gigabit Ethernet Card

    1 optical drive (just for OS installation)