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NVIDIA Jetson AI Development Board FWR100-BB for Deep Learning AI Tech Companies Now Available
2023.01.31 20:03

Seyeon Tech has released the FWR100-BB, a development board for AI technology companies and research centers, in Korea. The new FWR100-BB adds mSATA, SATA connectors, and a microSD slot.

The FWR100-BB, also known as the NVIDIA Jetson Carrier Board, is a dedicated board for AI development, edge computing, and more. It can be equipped with NVIDIA JETSON NANO, JETSON XAVIER NX, and more. With a wide range of AV inputs and outputs, mSATA, SATA connectors, and microSD slots, you can focus on AI development and edge computing with ease. 

JETSON NANO and JETSON XAVIER NX, released by NVIDIA, are ultra-compact boards with powerful computing performance at low power. Although they have recently gained attention in the AI field, companies and research institutes involved in AI development are facing many difficulties in managing AV input/output, data storage, and management with these boards due to the lack of supporting boards.

By simply installing the NVIDIA JETSON board in the built-in slot, the Seyeontek FWR100-BB can easily connect camera, HDMI, audio, USB, wired LAN, mSATA, SSD, microSD utilization, and debugging. So you can focus on developing AI and SW technologies without worrying about hardware.


Can run Linux-based 'UBUNTU' OS

And, true to its name, the board is small and light enough to be held in one hand, measuring 105(W) x 75(D) mm and weighing about 70 grams.


With mSATA (top), with SSD (bottom)

In particular, this product can mount mSATA and SSD, so if you need to, you can open the inside of the body and use it as above. Metal brackets are included to protect the mSATA and secure the SSD. It is also equipped with commonly used HDMI terminals and USB 3.0 terminals (4) for excellent expansion.

In addition to the NVIDIA DeepStream SDK, you can also use the SeyeonTech SDK for AI and SW development. The SDK supports OpenCV video class interface, so you can focus on AI optimization without worrying about IP camera integration, stream decoding, storage, and retransmission. The SDK is sold separately from the development board.


By utilizing this board, you can reduce the burden of hardware development and easily focus on the original purpose of AI and SW development in fields that require AI and SW power such as machine learning, machine vision, edge computing, video recording devices, medical devices, and factory automation. It can also be easily applied to smart cities, smart farms, and smart factories, which are emerging as important topics in recent years. For more information on the FWR100-BB, please visit the following address.