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Developing Jetson carrier boards, finished products, and cameras for deep learning-optimized edge AI
2023.01.31 17:03

From left, Jetson Carrier Board, AI Bridge, Jetson AI IP Camera

Seyeon Tech Co., Ltd. announced that it is strengthening the development of carrier boards, AI bridges, and AI IP cameras utilizing NVIDIA Jetson modules. NVIDIA Jetson Modules are small, embedded AI computing modules manufactured by NVIDIA, a leader in artificial intelligence computing. 

They are useful for autonomous machines and other embedded applications, and their form factor enables machine learning, deep learning training, and deep learning inference, making them a popular choice for edge AI computing.

The Jetson Carrier Board, AI Bridge, and AI IP Camera have been developed to utilize the latest NVIDIA Jetson platforms, such as Jetson Nano and XavierNX, and we are continuing to develop products based on the upcoming Orin platform. NVIDIA Jetson modules are small, low-power, and packed with computing power. They are ideal for applications such as robotics, machine vision, AIoT, and intelligent video analytics, where deep learning is an emerging trend.


 Jetson CarrierBoard

 AI Bridge

 AI IP Camera









Embedded in finished products, train deep learning with AI SW and power edge AI with inference 

Power Edge AI with deep learning training and inference by attaching it separately to finished products

Strengthen edge AI with deep learning training and inference by installing only AI models/SW from customers in the form of IP cameras 

Seyeon Tech Co., Ltd. designs and manufactures carrier boards and finished products for edge AI development with NVIDIA Jetson modules. The product is a hardware with a wide range of input and output terminals such as HDMI, audio, LAN, and USB, and a microSD slot, so customers can easily focus on developing AI video solutions by uploading AI models.



*Use case: Recognize people, cars, etc. through deep learning and inference

By utilizing SEYEON TECH Jetson carrier board or finished product, it can be utilized like a low-power, ultra-compact mini-PC because HDMI, audio, wired LAN, USB, and microSD are supported based on Jetson module (CPU+GPU+RAM). Therefore, it can be widely applied to the field of building AI video solutions such as edge AI SW development, image processing equipment, and medical devices without hardware concerns. The finished product is equipped with the Linux-based 'UBUNTU' OS, making it easy to build and adapt an AI development environment. 

It is also characterized by its compliance with the NDAA, so it can be freely exported to the United States and Europe without any restrictions. As trade barriers between countries become more advanced, trade competition in the field of video and communication security equipment is also intensifying, with sanctions imposed through related laws such as the NDAA. Seyeon Tech's carrier boards and finished products are NDAA compliant, so they can be freely exported to the United States, Europe, and other countries. In addition, as smart cities, smart farms, and smart factories expand globally, overseas demand for AI-related Jetson products is expected to increase.