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News Letter

News Letter on July 16th from FlexWATCH
2020.11.16 11:59

<Seyeon Technology, Inc. developed and launched IP camera package module for CCTV IP camera manufacturer>


Seyeon Technology, Inc. known as FlexWATCH has developed and released the best IP camera package for customers who want to develop IP cameras for government agencies and government offices that need to provide camera security, interoperability and quality certification. This package module (model name: FWC-F3B-FX7) is suitable for domestic and overseas clients using Ambarella platform instead of Chinese SOC that is noisy due to security issues.


The package module uses a high-performance SoC, compresses Full HD video to H.265 and can transmit up to 60 FPS, and provides stable speed even when there are multiple remote connections compared to other cameras.  It uses Sony's latest CMOS sensor to provide excellent low-light performance. Fixed-focus lens or Motorized-Zoom lens can be selected, and it is possible to cope with low-end type and high-end camera. Quadruple streaming (H.265, H.264, MJPEG, JPEG) is also supported.


The board is 42x42mm in size and consists of sensor board and two compatible IP boards. It provides two-way audio interface, Digital I / O, Micro SD and Serial interface. Therefore, it can be used by connecting only connectors without any additional hardware


The biggest advantage of FlexWATCH IP module and IP camera module is compatibility. It has been the only company in Korea to develop modules for more than 20 years and has a long history of collaborating with manufacturers, system integrators and solution providers. Compatibility with various NVRs has also been proven by passing ONVIF compatibility and TTA compliance testing. OEM/ODM support is available by prior consultation if special software interfaces or functions are required.


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