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Seyeon Tech Launches Global Shutter IP Camera with White LEDs
2024.04.23 11:42

Seyeon Tech Launches Global Shutter IP Camera with White LEDs 


"Abundant light improves vehicle recognition day and night" 

License plate recognition technology in IP cameras. Nowadays, this technology is evolving beyond simple license plate recognition to detect vehicle details such as model, color, and shape. To achieve this, IP camera software applies AI technology and hardware utilizes abundant white LEDs. This is to overcome the limitations of low light at night and improve vehicle recognition and information extraction regardless of day or night. 

In line with this trend, Seyeon Tech has released a white LED-based IP camera system. The new product features include.


*Main Features

1. 5M 1/2" global sensor applied as a global shutter IP camera favorable for low-latency, high-speed shooting

2. 3-watt High Power White LED floodlight (32 LEDs each left and right) and LED control with strobe signal

3. white LEDs are lensed around 30° for visibility

4. Built-in 50 watt power supply with power charge control technology to optimize heat generation and power consumption

5. Precise aperture control with P-IRIS (CS mount lens recommended)


1 floodlight with white LEDs Light output 

White LED IP camera systems to improve vehicle recognition rates are being tried at home and abroad. However, it is necessary to develop IP cameras in consideration of glare and diffuse reflection caused by the powerful light output of white LEDs. In addition, product life due to heat generation is also important because high-power LEDs are used, and Seyeon Tech products have made a lot of efforts in this area.


Left and right floodlights can also be mounted separately in the desired location 

With P-IRIS, the lens aperture can be adjusted more precisely than with conventional DC-IRIS to achieve greater depth of field and sharpness, so you can get day and night images that are optimized for changes in ambient brightness. To take advantage of P-IRIS, we recommend using CS-mount lenses. Internally, the product supports multiple browsers such as Edge and Chrome, ONVIF Profile S/T, more than 4 streaming methods, and a software API that enables various application development. Currently, prototypes are being piloted at home and abroad, and we are aiming for mass production in May with certification work.



Seyeon Tech is the oldest IP camera developer and exporter in Korea, and has middleware optimized for various SoCs and operating systems. In particular, it has recently released an open AI SDK and is strengthening cooperation with various AI software companies. For more information about our products, you can also visit our website at