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News Letter

Seyeon Tech launches Miniature IP Camera
2024.02.19 15:24

'Efficient for monitoring ATM machines, high-value equipment' 


Seyeon Tech has recently released an entry-level Full HD miniature IP camera (model name FW9002-FEP). It uses a SONY image sensor, an EYENIX EN675 SoC(South Korea), supports PoE, and has a built-in MicroSD slot for video storage. Its AI function can detect faces, people, and cars, and it also comes with an open SDK that allows customers to port their own AI learning models.
The product is designed to improve heat generation, one of the challenges of IP cameras, and to operate ruggedly in closed environments. It has a compact size of 42.4 mm x 42.4 mm x 22.9 mm and comes with a bracket for securing the product and an adjustable angle for mounting. It's easy to fit in tight spaces and useful for ATM machines, high-value network equipment, server monitoring, and more that need to be monitored at all times.
The lens is available in a choice of pinhole and fixed focus lenses, and is PoE and DC powered. It also features an exposed MicroSD slot on the bottom for easy MicroSD removal. It supports various interfaces such as proprietary protocols, ONVIF (Profile S, T), and RTSP, and its AI function can be used with a choice of human/car/bike/motorcycle discrimination models and face detection models. An open SDK is also available to port customer's own learning models.

KC certification for the product has been completed and TTA security certification will be completed soon. 

Since its establishment in 1997, Seyeon Tech has been dedicated to the IP camera field for the longest period of time in Korea and has been collaborating with manufacturers, SI companies, and solution providers in IP camera technology. While developing and exporting IP camera modules, IP camera products, NVRs, and remote control systems, we have been steadily commercializing an open AI platform to enter the AI market.