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SeyeonTech 2023 IP Camera Productization Trends
2023.12.24 21:47





SeyeonTech 2023 IP Camera Productization Trends




This newsletter introduces SeyeonTech's developments in 2023, customer collaborations, and future development collaborations.


Table of Contents : 

1. 2M/5M/8M/12M IP Camera Module Lineup with AI Features

2. Enhanced customer development cooperation based on FlexWATCH® AI Open SDK 

3. Supports TTA Security Certification 

4. ONVIF Profile T Support 


Overview : 



1. 2M/5M/8M/12M IP camera module lineup with AI function 

In addition to IP cameras utilizing US-made SoCs, which are currently being sold as the main product, we have introduced a lineup of domestic SoC IP camera modules. We are mass-producing 2M, 5M, 8M, and 12M IP camera modules. In addition, we have prepared 1/2", 1/3" rolling shutter sensors and Global Shutter sensors to expand the range of customer choices.

The IP camera modules are equipped with raw sensors as well as products that receive LVDS, HDMI, and YUV video inputs. We have also developed finished products with various devices, camera functions, and options for ITS applications. OEM/ODM support, software, and accessories are available for companies that need general IP cameras, PTZ cameras, and ITS application cameras. Currently, we are supplying to more than 40 domestic and foreign companies that want to autonomize IP cameras.

All products support AI functions. Intelligent functions such as Intrusion Detection, Line Crossing, Tampering, and Object Counting are built-in based on AI detection functions such as people, cars, bicycles, and faces. In addition, some modules support porting AI learning models utilizing the customer's own DB.






2. Enhanced customer development collaboration based on the FlexWATCH® AI Open SDK 

With the FlexWATCH® Open SDK, customers can configure AI learning models with their own DB in the Ubuntu Linux environment. It is an environment that can be converted to operate on IP cameras (Binary Conversion) and ported to IP cameras by themselves according to a set order. A user interface is provided to upload the converted AI learning model to the IP camera, and you can also select objects to search or extract, and even send the extracted metadata to a remote location. The simple detection AI model can be ported by the customer, while the multi-layer AI model can be deployed by the customer with minimal cooperation.

The NPU performance of SoCs required for AI functions is currently 1.2Tops, and the lineup will be composed of products with 4Tops or more by the second half of 2024. We are also currently developing IP cameras with 20Tops or more, and support open SDKs to provide an environment where customers can implement various AI functions on their own.

Here are some examples of customer developments utilizing the FlexWATCH® Open SDK.


- License Plate Recognition

- Fire and smoke detection

- Out-of-tolerance detection (parking guidance applications)

- Lane change detection for smart ITS

- Smart street lighting

- Human/car/truck/bicycle detection


3. Supports TTA secure authentication 

Since March this year, TTA security certification has become a mandatory requirement for all CCTV cameras supplied to public institutions due to the emergence of TTA security issues. It is said that TTA security certification will be newly issued only until the second half of 2024, and a separate security function protocol will be published and applied to products from 2024.

In response to these rapidly changing market conditions, we are actively supporting our module and finished product customers on TTA. This year alone, we have cooperated in TTA security certification for more than 100 products from more than 30 companies. Seyeon Tech has also received TTA security certification for more than 20 models for customer reference purposes, and supports ONVIF Profile T for five core models as a priority (see below). In addition, we are preparing to support the newly published security function protocol and are making efforts to finalize support before the second half of 2026, when the validity period of TTA security certification ends.



4. ONVIF Profile T support 

Five models that have recently received TTA security certification support ONVIF Profile T. Within the next three months, all of SeyeonTech's finished products will support Profile T. The Profile T supported models are as follows

- 2M PTZ Camera (Model: FW9709-FNR)

- 4K global shutter box camera (model: FW7300-GKN)

- 5M Globe Shutter Camera (Model: FW9307-GPM1-E)

- 5M Bullet Camera (Model: FW7940-PEM)

- 5M Half Moon Dome Camera (Model: FW7511-PEM)




We have commercialized Jetson ORIN Nano and ORIN NX-enabled carrier boards and AI bridges (model names: FWJ100-ON, FWJ100-NX) for customers who want to implement advanced AI at the edge. We are also developing a Jetson-based ONVIF IP camera, which is porting the ONVIF module and is scheduled for release in Q1 2024. This product will be able to use the NVIDIA Deepstream SDK as is, and aims to provide a ready environment for customer AI models. We have also commercialized AI-enabled AHD cameras to support simple AI functions for automotive applications and DVRs.