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1CH HD-SDI Video Server


FWS200 is a stand-alone HD-SDI 1 channel network video server to transmit the supreme video and audio data over the TCP/IP network. FWS200 supports simultaneous H.264 and MJPEG Video Compression, less network bandwidth and storage space required. FWS200 delivers High Video quality at maximum 30 fps in different resolution. Traditionally, the analog video signal from the analog camera causes a “tearing” effect due to the fact even and odd fields are slightly displaced with time interval. FWS200 converts the interlaced image from conventional analog camera into a progressive quality image. FWS200  makes it possible to monitor fast moving images in vivid and crystal clear quality


• G.711 2-WAY Audio

• RS-232/485 PTZ support

• Max. 30/25fps @ 2M (1920x1080)

• Dual Streaming (H.264, M-JPEG)

• Hardware Intelligent Motion Detection

• Built-in PoE, USB

• ONVIF (Profile S) Standard